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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Track Site? 

Track Site at its core is an advanced notification system that is revolutionary, encrypted, long-range, and wireless. Most commonly Track Site is a solution to the ongoing and ever-growing problem of theft at storage facilities, and other remote locations. Track Site can also be utilized to monitor temperature, water leaks, and about any other situation involving facility or residential access control and systems.  


How does Track Site work? 

Track Site is an Internet of Things (IOT) solution that leverages the power of LoRaWan radio technology to transmit simple, encrypted, signals from specialized sensors to our dedicated systems, and then to the end user via our custom mobile application.  


Can you move sensors from one location to another? 

Yes, if each of the locations is a designated Track Site Location. The beauty of our system is that you can move any of our sensors from one location to another without having to make any changes. No changes at all! Just pick it up and move it! No changing passwords or complicated App processes, no calling or emailing a monitoring station, it just works!  


How do you become a Track Site location? 

Simple, just purchase a gateway from us, plug it in, scan the QR code, and you are off to the races! 


What is the range of Track Site? 

Depends, ranges vary by sensor type, gateway type, antenna type, and environmental factors. A gateway with an outdoor, upgraded, antenna has been shown to provide coverage for a mile or more (line of site). We have found a standard indoor gateway and antenna can provide coverage for the interior of a 2500sqft residence and maybe a few close outdoor sensors (I.e., a motion sensor in your car in the driveway) depending on where the gateway is placed.  

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