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What is Track Site

In short, its a long range, low power series of sensors to notify you of motion, water leaks, temperature and much more! 

Track Site is a revolutionary information sharing platform utilizing advanced radio wave technology.  Due to these advancements people are taking back the ability and responsibility for personal property security. Gone are the days when highly trained technicians are needed to install and monitor security equipment. Property owners today expect the ability to self-install and monitor real-time notifications on their own.


Tracker Security, Llc is well suited to provide cutting edge solutions that simply work. Through our partnerships with industry leaders, along with the development of a proprietary mobile application, we are able to empower our customers with real-time notifications at any Track Site location. As the future progresses more and more Track Site locations will be established. As our locations increase our customers will be able to move their assets from location to location and still utilize their notification devices, without need for any reprogramming or complicated transfer procedures.

RV Systems

Use one of out Track Site motions to be notified if anyone enters your RV while in storage!

Storage units

Place our Track Site motion in your self storage and be notified immediately if someone enters without your permission. 

Boat Systems

Grab a Track Site motion to protect your boat while  in storage. Place our water leak detector in your boat while stored in the marina to notify you if your taking on water while away! 

Suburban House
Home Systems

Make your home a Track Site location and enjoy all the benefits of our sensors there also. Motion in your cars, water leak sensors, an many more coming soon! 

Tracker Security, Llc is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Total Home Security

Tracker Security, Llc is a full service home security provider. We offer full monitoring options, self monitoring and industry leading mobile applications!

Home Automation

Through our partnerships wit industry leaders we are pleased to offer full home automation. Automate your lights, locks, music, water and blinds with ease!

Custom Surveillance Systems

We specialize in custom video solutions, solar systems, and remote monitoring. 

Smart Door Locks

Want your door lock to disarm your alarm? We can do that. Want to be able to unlock your door from your phone? We do that also!

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